An “alumnus” is one of the various titles one bears that gives meaning to one’s life in some aspect.

The word alumnus comes from the Latin verb alere, to nourish, and literally means “nourished ones”. This title is earned by the way you think about yourself and by the meaningful experiences you have gained throughout your life.

The education you received at MES shows the way our students act in the world. Experiences gained by our students contribute in developing character and reaching a greater level of independence. The relationships between teachers and students bond one together and mark time spent at MES as an important period of one's life, we work every day to build and support these relationships with the ultimate care as we are touched by our student's lives and experiences day by day.

Established in 2014, MES provides an American curriculum to a diverse community of learners. MES is fully accredited by the American International Accreditation Association AIAA and the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

We defined our community as students, faculty and staff, but now we need to add our alumni as an important part of this community. A great school partly measures its’ worth by its alumni. Although you may not be physically with us, you remain a valued part of the school’s extended family. With your rich experiences, you can contribute to the educational experience of our students by bringing a real-world perspective to the academic pursuits of our students.

You, as alumni, can act as our special ambassador; you can make presentations to prospective students. You can provide feedback to our school. You can pass your observations, comments and suggestions to help us grow and achieve our goals and vision.