Our newly extended campus allows us to deliver a superb American curriculum in the best ideal way. Conveniently located between Hurghada coastal and outer ring roads, MES lies over 11,500 square meters with easy driving distance from most essential places in Hurghada. MES has come a long way from its beginnings in 2014, although we started with fewer students, yet with the combined efforts of the MES team under the guidance of our top management; MES has reached today the facilities of 3 purpose-built campuses, providing the best standard of education in a second to none joyful, motivating and secured surroundings.


MES purpose-built campuses include,

  • An excellent Information Technology structured classrooms :(to provide a second to none educational services making learning as much fun as it is essential) 


  • 2 Computer labs (students learn how to master  the latest cutting edge technologies to meet today’s globalization)

  • Well-equipped science lab (giving our students a chance to practice what they learn hands-on)

  • A library (catering for our students hunger for knowledge as well as implementing the fundamentals of research)

  • 2 Art Rooms (building culture coupled with academia in order to reach true excellence in addition to improving hand-eye coordination)

  • Purpose-built music room (for music is the purifier of the soul and it is an excellent tool to improve children’s coordination and mathematical discipline) 

  • Soccer field (a healthy brain needs a healthy body, also teaching teamwork)

  • Swimming pools(swimming is one of the best sports to improve the cardio system as well as it’s a   lifesaving skill)

  • Outdoor basketball court (building team-spirit)


  • Outdoor volley court (enhancing team cohesion)

  • Outdoor food court (providing healthy exposure to fresh air and controlled sun exposure)

  • Well-equipped Elementary outdoor play area (helping our children to grow healthy

  • All our school buses are air-conditioned and equipped with live stream cameras(Providing constant security and   accountability for our students) 


  • Closed-circuit Cameras (for around the clock safety and accountability)

  • Fire Protection & Hazard alarm