High school

Graduating with an American high school Diploma opens the door to universities in many parts of the world not only USA and Canada, as well as universities in Egypt. MES School offers an English language-based American program, which provides a firm foundation in the core curriculum, as it is administered using American textbooks and American resources.

MES continually monitors student progress, adjusts teaching strategies, and modifies curriculum in order for all students to achieve success. This curriculum is research-based and proven to be effective with High School students. Great care is taken to ensure students develop the confidence, knowledge, and personal, critical thinking skills, and independent learning skills to be successful. Students are assessed through a variety of interim, continuous, and end-of-year assessments.

Students take lessons in class groups and utilize the full range of specialist teaching areas including Science and ICT laboratories and Art and sports facilities.

MES students study the following compulsory and elective subjects (Subjects vary according to grade level)

  • English language Arts
  • Math.
  • Science
  • Social Studies English
  • French/German
  • ICT
  • Arabic
  • Religion
  • Social Studies Arabic
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education

SAT Reasoning (SAT 1) and SAT Subject (SAT 2)

Tests are taken in grades 11 & 12 respectively. The skills needed to succeed in these tests are incorporated into our curriculum, though some additional courses are available outside the school day. Many of our students are Egyptian and therefore, the Arabic we offer is certified by the Ministry of Education and meets the requirements of "Sanawi'ama certificate".

Students will not encounter any difficulties when they apply to Egyptian universities. We also provide Arabic as a second language for foreigners. All our planning is based on sound educational Practices found in any other repetitive American schools. Students can transfer very easily from our school to any other American schools in the world as we are following recently updated curriculums.