At MES we view participation in extracurricular activities as an important component of communication and relationship building.

We strive to involve students and parents in a number of events and activities held throughout the school year. These projects are designed to serve as community building activities and as a means of further communication between students, parents and teachers.

At MES we also celebrate the annual Egyptian and American holidays and activities are often organized around these events, in particular Christmas Party Halloween, Mother's day, Sports day, International day and Valentine's Day and the list is not limited to the previously mentioned but we work as MES team to create a pleasant environment to our students with a lot of other creative and fun activities.

All of this comes with a lot of field trips that add to our students' Knowledge as Hotel trip, Hospital Trip and Bank Trip. A special attention is given to Kindergarten and lower grades with a lot of fun trips that reinforce the bond between the students and their teachers. 

 All of these events and activities are viewed as an important and valued component of our school schedule.