Motto Aim for excellence

MES Vision:

We are dedicated to continue our aim for excellence in an ever-changing world, with a safe and supportive environment. We provide a relevant, high quality education and prepare our diverse student body for future endeavors. We honor achievement and promote pride in to ourselves, in our school, and in our community through the proper implementation of different learning applications.

MES Mission:

 Is to provide a safe haven where every student is valued, respected and each of their gifts is put into a good use, empowering our students to meet current and future challenges to develop social awareness, civic responsibility and personal growth.

Therefore, preparing them to discover and utilize all their potentials, transforming those potentials into stepping stones uplifting them to achieve their goals in life and reach diverse success.

What MES pledges to deliver;

  • Participate actively and responsibly in his or her own learning
  • Support parent-teacher-student relationships that enable success in learning
  • Support the role of extracurricular activities in enabling students to explore interests and to cultivate unique skills
  • Experience and value education as a lifelong process
  • Establish and maintain respectful and effective communication
  • Respect local, regional, and international perspectives
  • Understand and appreciate each other as individuals with special interests, aptitudes, and the ability to learn and experience success
  • Develop in all students a sense of personal and social responsibility through demonstrated service to others
  • Shape the future of our school through strategic vision, continuous planning, and action plans linked to continuous evaluation.
  • Develop the skills to utilize technology to enhance further learning
  • Everyone should be included and afforded the opportunity to succeed